River Flows (ft) Claire Martin

Here is a song, River Flows, that appears on my solo album ‘Free To Fly’ (available on iTunes).

It was a co-written with Jez Poole and features the fabulous Claire Martin on lead vocal. The strings were recorded in Prague by players from the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

Samba Parthenay

Here is a track called ‘Samba Parthenay’ originally conceived in, you guessed it! Parthenay which is a pretty little village just outside PoitIer in western France.

It was last summer and I was staying in a beautiful house, owned by my brother in-law and his wife, when the idea came to me. This was the beginning of a ‘Brazilian’ project that I went on to write with my good friend and collaborator Marcelo Andrade. We wrote nearly 30 (soon to be released) tracks  and worked with some of the best Brazilian musicians based here in the UK. This track features Jandira Silva on vocals and Chris Robinson on trombone.


Just finished writing a couple of songs for ZPM It marks a bit of a departure me as the brief was to bring in elements of a football crowd mashed up with a bit of dub step…. It is the year of the of the world cup after all!

I’ll put the track up once its been mastered.